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The Safety Sleeperâ„¢ Models: Which one is right for you?

People are created uniquely.
This is why we offer five different models, so that your bed can be functional and fun to fit your loved ones unique needs. Please use the matrix below to check which model will suit you best.

In addition, we are more than happy to work with you should you need any further customization for your Safety Sleeper. Just contact us!

Select Bed / Mattress Size
UK Twin / Single
90cm W x 190cm L x 24-26cm H

UK Full / Double
137cm W x 190cm L x 24-26cm H

Need another size?
All models are also available for Australian an US mattress sizes. For custom sizes, provide details in the comment section below.


Select Color
Choose between different color options
for the enclosure to match your loved one's personality. The color does not influence the price.
 Hot Pink
 Sail Blue
Safety Sleeper Models
Note: UK/IE distributor has Professional model in Sand as well as the Standard and Deluxe Models in blue and pink in stock. Expect longer delivery times for other models. Base Standard Deluxe Pro Premium

One Standard Side Entry
Picture shows the standard entry option of The Safety Sleeper with the door fully opened.*
X X X    

Convertible Side Entry With Two Zipper Access On Both Sides.
This model gives the most access options for the caregiver and allows for access on both sides and above the bed. *
      X X

End of Bed Entry
Additional entry at the foot of the bed allows for a second access points. The side entry is installed to the left when facing the end of bed entry. *
    X   X

* Zipper Access And Locking System
All bed entries in all models come with zipper access and locking system.


Additional Coverlet
Additional coverlet (functions as a zip-on sheet) ensures easy transitions between bed washings and security during spills and accidents.
  X X X X

Frame Pads
Frame Pads (bar cushions) cover the top and sides of the aluminum frame for additional safety and comfort. Recommended for seizure diagnoses or self-harming behaviors.
  X X X X

Stabilizing Straps
Straps keep bed from tipping or moving, recommended for older children, adults or to counteract rambunctious activity. Stabilizing straps need to be attached to your traditional bed frame or box spring.

Access Points
1-1/8" ID metal grommets installed on left and right sides of the enclosure to serve as access points for use with feeding tubes, oxygen tubing, pulse-ox sensors, etc. Two on each side, four total.
    X X X

Attachment Loops
The six loops attachment are installed on the roof of the enclosure to be used for items intended for hanging.

Inside Pocket
8" X 10" in size and made from black mesh fabric, the pocket can be used for storing communication devices, toys, eye glasses or other items.

Air Mattress for Traveling
Single or full-size mattress according to your selection.
Comes with built-in electric pump for US & Canada and battery pump for other international sizes.

Travel Case
Our beds weigh less than 38 lbs / 17 kg and come with a durable travel suitcase.

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