A Closer Look at Huntington’s Disease


After meeting Occupational Therapists and staff from the Huntington’s Disease Society of America (HDSA) for the past two years at the AOTA conference, Abram’s Nation was happy to be able to attend the HDSA convention this month.  As with attending any event for the first time, I was curious to… Read more »

How to Prevent and Respond to Special Needs Children Who Wander


June is National Safety Month. We, at Abram’s Nation, take our kiddos safety VERY seriously and understand how difficult it can be for families with special needs children. Almost half the children on the Autism Spectrum wander or elope – they run away from home, school or other safe place. … Read more »

Happy Mother’s Day! Supporting Special Needs Moms


Special needs moms have been given extra challenges in their lives and have risen to that challenge.  Special needs moms are just as exhausted and just as frustrated as the average parent; however, add to that judgments their children have to endure, the extra care their kids need, the guilt… Read more »

Easter Is On Its Way – Hop to It!

Easter is on its way! Hop

Spring is just around the corner and Easter is nearly here with all its bunnies, baskets and bows! Here are some ways to make sure all your kiddos are included in the Easter fun. Host Your Own Easter Egg Hunt – Channel your inner Martha Stewart and host an Easter… Read more »

Keep Calm and Parent On!


Imagine a world where children could manage their stress in healthy ways. Children who are able to self-regulate their emotions and actions are better able to pay attention, avoid distractions, and act and move with deliberation and purpose. They are in control. They are also, as considerable research has shown,… Read more »

Finding the Right Payment Option to Purchase The Safety Sleeper


It’s hard to put a price on safety. Investing in the right product for your loved one is a big decision. Once you find the product that will truly improve your quality of life then you must find the funds to make it happen. Abram’s Nation understands your concerns and… Read more »

Happy Holidays for Children with Special Needs.


As parents you want to make the holidays as magical as possible for the kiddos. Santa visits, holiday parties and the excitement of opening gifts on Christmas morning are all traditions that make the season bright! Keeping children with special needs happy can be challenging.  The hubbub of family celebrations… Read more »

Our “Giving Thanks” Tradition


“As long as thanks is possible, then joy is always possible.” ― Ann Voskamp Thanksgiving 2017, is on its way and we are preparing to usher in another whirlwind holiday season.  As parents, we have chaotic schedules, hungry kids, extra long grocery lines and sleepless nights. So the times we… Read more »

The Ripple Effect

Abrams_pin2017_oct (00000003)

Living the life of luxury, not really, the life of therapy, and chaos. Inconsistency was consistent in my house.  Modify, adjust, juggle etc.  Our son, Abram, never slept and that impacted me, my family, my friends, relationships, and job. (the energizer bunny that never stopped!) I knew I needed to… Read more »